Game of Thrones S5E8: “Hardhome”

Nate and Levi talk about this exciting episode. Listener Lana writes a song about it.




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One Response to Game of Thrones S5E8: “Hardhome”

  1. hunnebrown says:

    I think Hardhome was the best GofT episode ever. Instead of the crap they have been doing all season. First all conversations should end like Tormunds and Rattleshirts. Tormund was like we ain’t got time for this posturing bullshit. I love Pitch Perfect lady . I had this whole showdown between her and Melisandre over Jon Snow mapped out. She would have been a great addition to the cast. When she promised her girls she was right behind them I was like shit.she is gonna get whacked. The fight with the white walker and the Thenn what was the point? Now, my crazy theory on Valyrian Steel and its ability to kill white walkers .What if THAT is the reason Valyrian Steel was made in the first place? I mean If it was know that Obsidian killed them then everyone had to know it is only a finite amount of it in the world and that they would have to have an alternative. I mean of course the Doom screwed that all up of course. I just think that it wasn’t happenstance that it was created. Also another far fetched theory what if it wasn’t Longclaw that killed the White Walker what if it was just Jon Snow that can kill them like that because he IS the blood of the dragon? I know spitballing.


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