Game of Thrones S5E7: “The Gift”

The gang’s all here and they talk about the show cause it’s a podcast about the show so why wouldn’t they, right?

got the gift



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One Response to Game of Thrones S5E7: “The Gift”

  1. hunnebrown says:

    I agree with Natalie about Sansa. People were outraged because rape isn’t supposed to happen to nice white girls from nice homes. The assumed Theon would tell that freak what Sansa said. I was trying to figure out how they smoked out that old lady, but Ramsey must have lit the candle in the window and waited to see who either went to the tower or came to see Sansa. Why does Roose let Ramsey get away with that behavior? He acts weak like he is afraid of Ramsey turning on him Everytime it seems as though he may try to reel him in, he starts telling him how much he needs him. Now to Cersei, she has to be the most short sighted broad ive ever seen on screen. She just does not seem to learn anything from experience. She should have had Lancel wacked, as soon as he said anything about Robert to her. Also what the hell is with Tommen? Why doesn’t he send in the army to storm the sept? I never understood that in the books either. I mean in the books he was too little and didn’t really understand what was going on. Now all the people she dissed are in charge, Pycelle and Uncle Kevan. She sent Ser Marin to Bravvos with Mace he probably would have gotten her out. She sent him with Mace to kill him. Now all of the shit is gonna blow up in her face. On to Dorne. Dorne is shot in Spain at the Spanish Royal Palace. They had to close off parts when they did filming. Dorne has sucked so far until the jail scene. God I love boys they are so easy, flash them some boobs and they fall in line.


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