Game of Thrones S5E6: “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”

Nate and Natalie talk about this controversial episode of Game of Thrones.

unbowed unbent unbroken



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3 Responses to Game of Thrones S5E6: “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”

  1. hunnebrown says:

    Regarding Sansa`s rape. I don’t think it was racist at all. The Cersei rape scene was equally criticized. My reason for being upset was more about the writing of the show then the rape. I expect brutality from GOT. They have developed clear progression and maturity in a character like with Jamie and the Lady Olenna, then they have them regress as if none of the development happen. Jamie rapes Cersei, then Lady Olenna looks like a weak doddering old woman pleading with Cersei. The thing with Sansa was that she was finally showing she has been learning how to play the game. Sansa is a victim Ramsey is an asshole, So? I’m just so board with that shit at this point. They made a path for these characters stick with it.


    • I think I see what you’re saying. I’m hoping Sansa continues on her path of playing the game. We appreciate your feedback. Thanks for listening!

      – Nate


      • hunnebrown says:

        Well your show sounds exactly like me and my husband and kids when we discuss shows. Ours just sometimes end in shouting matches. My husband also hated Sansa, but like Natalie he likes her now.


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