Halt & Catch Fire S1E9: “Up Helly Aa” Podcast with Levi and Matt

A wild and crazy ride in Vegas. Including betrayal, cunning tricks, late night seances over computer hardware, and the brothers from Sunnyvale.

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We are two brothers who podcast.
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One Response to Halt & Catch Fire S1E9: “Up Helly Aa” Podcast with Levi and Matt

  1. wallyhorse says:

    Not sure how much of a fan of “Mad Men” you are, but given my being a regular viewer of that show (since early in Season 4) was how I came onto to this show (via the promos), it gave me the idea for a way to work in a sort-of-in-the-future crossover of “Mad Men” with “Halt and Catch Fire” (provided I could get permission from “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner to do so) would be to bring in as an adult the character of Sally Draper (daughter of Don on Betty Draper on “Mad Men”, who in 1983 would be 29) into the “HATC” universe.

    How I would have done it (as noted in a few Facebook posts is this:

    Though we would not know it, after Joe had his relationship with the guy we saw previously, I would have it where he went straight and not only was in a relationship with Sally (as I would do it, starting around late 1974), but actually went as far as marrying Sally in the early summer of 1976 or so while working at IBM, though Joe winds up abandoning her without divorcing her in ’81. Sally would be at Comdex 1983 because as I would do it, Apple (in late 1983) is a major client of Sterling, (Draper/Cutler?) and partners that Sally had built up considerably and by this point is well aware of Joe was doing with the GIANT. I would have it where she then is the one who ambushes her husband by introducing MacIntosh after Joe makes the adjustments and at the same time hits Joe with divorce papers, two-plus years after he abandoned her (and tells Cameron how she is Sally nine years earlier as a wide-eyed 20 year old in 1974 that fell for Joe). That to me would have been a very nasty surprise on several counts, with the others finding out Joe was (and at this point, still is) actually married.

    A perfect way to tie “Mad Men” into “Halt and Catch Fire” AND establish Sally for a possible continuation of “Mad Men” after 2015 that I would have start in 1990 (advancing “Mad Men” 20 years and allowing the “Halt and Catch Fire” characters to also appear in a “Mad Men” continuation) that if I were at AMC I’d be trying to convince Matthew Weiner to do.


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