Halt & Catch Fire Podcast with Matt and Levi S1E8: “The 214ers”

Everything is coming together and the gang is off to Vegas, damn the odds


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2 Responses to Halt & Catch Fire Podcast with Matt and Levi S1E8: “The 214ers”

  1. Ellen C. says:

    I left this comment on iTunes too. My thoughts about the episode are more appropriate here, but I know iTunes ratings and reviews are helpful so I’m leaving my feedback in both places.
    Excellent podcast on Halt & Catch Fire! The show leaves me with lingering questions so I appreciate the chance to hear your thoughts and impressions. Thank you for putting this together each week—it is both insightful and fun to listen to.
    I just watched “The 214s” and have one question that you didn’t address. Am I overly suspicious or did Hunt (Donna’s TI boss) quit his job abruptly because he traded Cardiff’s secrets to IBM in exchange for a cushy job? Hunt seemed to be constantly leading Donna on, subtly getting her to reveal various solutions to technical problems with the Giant while acting all chummy. I thought he was standing on Donna’s lawn the night before he quit TI because he felt guilty for using her, not because he was smitten. I guess we will find out if Hunt is a player in all this once everyone shows their stuff at COMDEX. Donna may be smart about tech, but she’s pretty naïve when it comes to people. She is totally ineffective in dealing with Gor-DON’s behavior and I bet she was exploited by Hunt too. If Donna has been used by Hunt maybe she will finally wake up and start living in the real world. It would make for an interesting character arc, don’t you think?
    By the way, who is who in your podcast cover photo? Matt on the left & Levi on the right? Your daughters are too cute!


  2. Hey Ellen,

    We definitely saw your comment and thought it was awesome. We posted on the Facebook page that everyone should check it out. Frankly, I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t see it coming. I guess I was too upset about their relationship looking like a stereotypical television trope. Or maybe I was just too busy being hilarious.

    Anyway, thanks for listening, commenting, and reviewing. We really appreciate all of it and hope you continue with the remaining H&CF episodes “The Knick” & “The Blacklist” when they start up.

    take care – Matt


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