Halt and Catch Fire Podcast with Levi & Matt S1E6: “Landfall”

Matt and Levi discuss the latest episode of AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire. Check it out.


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About bjorkbrothers

We are two brothers who podcast.
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4 Responses to Halt and Catch Fire Podcast with Levi & Matt S1E6: “Landfall”

  1. patty glennon says:

    Listening to Matt and Levi is great fun. They are intuitive, funny, self deprecating, insightful and articulate. Their energy is contagious. They dig deep inside the characters making us want to see and hear more. Looking forward to their feedback on the next episode.


  2. patty glennon says:

    p.s. Five stars!


  3. Rachel B says:

    I’ve been loving the podcast! Thanks for doing this, people need to be talking about this show. I’m rooting for it. Also, thanks for the Greatest American Hero throwback. I loved that show when I was a kid. I had a .45 record of the theme song and played it til it was worn out and scratched. Still knew all the words, though, when I heard it on your podcast!


  4. Thanks Rachel! We love doing the podcast and hope to keep going after the Halt season ends. You should also check out the Bjork Brothers Facebook page. We post stuff related to what we discuss on the podcast and things sent in from listeners. It’s really cool getting feedback from people that are sharing our fun.

    You could also let us know if we’re schlock or not schlock over at iTunes 🙂


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