Episode 23: “The Ghost of Harrenhal”

Nate, Levi, and Natalie consistently mispronounce Jaqen H’ghar’s name. Also, they talk about articles by Saladin Ahmed and Kelly DeVries. Nate is gay for Loras. Music by MC Jakes closes the podcast. Oh yeah, don’t read those articles if you haven’t read the books.


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2 Responses to Episode 23: “The Ghost of Harrenhal”

  1. Hello Bjorksters!

    Decimate the Lannisters?

    You do realize that to decimate them is to reduce their numbers by 10%, right?

    Anyway, I re-watched the episode today and realized that the scene where Tywin Lannister interogates Arya regarding her purported House, its sigil and words is a callback to Season 1 episode 5 “The Wolf And The Lion” where Master Luwin quizzes Bran on the sigils and words of the major Houses of Westeros. Presumably, Arya received the same lessons.

    No biggie, but a nice little touch.

    Ok, that’s all – I enjoy the cast.

    Take care, all.


  2. Nice! I didn’t notice that re: the Tywin and Arya thing.
    Also, the “decimate” thing makes sense.
    Thanks for listening!


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