Live Podcast Details and Instructions

Ok, so the live podcast will take place as planned Thursday, July 28 at 8:00 pm CST. You’ll have to create a TalkShoe account for free to listen live. Listen to it here when the time comes. You can listen live as it happens and you can use the chat function. If you want to call in, you’ll have to call (724) 444-7444 (Call ID 94453). Nota bene this is NOT the same number as the Bjork Brothers voicemail number. See you Thursday!

About bjorkbrothers

We are two brothers who podcast.
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4 Responses to Live Podcast Details and Instructions

  1. Matt (Austin, TX) says:

    Can I call in without listening live?

    and that number can be called by phone or is it through live share?


  2. Yes, you can call in without listening live. Also, you can call that number through any phone.


  3. Also, you’ll have to register with TalkShoe and enter a PIN, which could just be the phone number you’re calling from.


  4. Cancel that last comment. You don’t need to be registered with TalkShoe. Just call the number and enter the Call ID when prompted. You can enter a PIN if you have it, otherwise you’ll just be an anonymous caller.


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