Episode 15: “Fire and Blood”

Nate and Levi talk about the explosive season finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones.


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10 Responses to Episode 15: “Fire and Blood”

  1. Serra says:

    When will you stop drinking beer, its very annoying.


  2. Listener says:

    Couldn’t listen to the end because I was so annoyed by the slurping.


    • There are polite ways to provide feedback and rude ways to do the same thing. There’s no need to be rude. Please do us a favor and never listen to our podcast again. Our target audience is thoughtful, smart, and has a good sense of humor. You are none of these.



  3. Hello friends! First, thanks for listening. The majority of the feedback we have received for this last episode has, surprisingly, dealt not with how much the Bjork Brothers suck when Natalie is not around, but with slurping. I would personally like to state for the record that the slurping you hear is not the same variety as the now (in)famous slurp at the end of the scene in episode five with Renly and Loras (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngOcAp3XKIU). Nor was it beer this time around, Serra. Clearly if you listened to anything we said, you would know that it was a delicious lemonade infused with iced-tea flavored vodka. They were delightful. I encourage you to pour yourself a glass next time you listen.

    But that is beside the point. Clearly this was distracting, which we never like (unless the distraction prevents you from realizing that we don’t actually know what we are talking about). A lot of listeners have mentioned over the last few months that they like our podcast because it seems like they are privy to a casual conversation between the two, or three, of us. Usually this is because it is just that, a casual conversation around my dinner table or in Nate’s living room, usually involving a glass of wine or beer. For the same reason, you may occasionally hear other things, like a dog barking, or a baby squawking. Evidently last week’s refreshments were more noisy than usual, and the last thing we want is for our casual banter to be overshadowed by our casual refreshments. We promise to use straws in the future.

    I guess this means that I should cancel our planned podcast wherein we discuss Game of Thrones while noisily eating in the middle of a really busy restaurant.

    Oh, and thank you all for the feedback. We obviously like thought out, constructive feedback, but we take all types. Fair warning though, if you give us bad feedback, we very well may make fun of you in our podcast. Keep listening, look forward to a new episode in the next couple of weeks, and give us a call sometime to give us your thoughts on the season.



  4. Levi’s the classier Bjork Brother.



    • There are five Bjork brothers and, like a boy band, they all play a typecast role. Nate is the “bad boy.” I’m the straight-laced one. We also have the athletic one, the shy one, and the one with weird hair.



  5. Bill McGehee says:

    How did your podcast get on the “pretentious assholes should listen to this” listing?
    Is there an “I have a stick in my ass” podcast?
    I’ll bet Serra can supply a link for both.
    I would like to refer “Serra” and “Listener” to the “Fuck Off” podcast.


  6. Kristen says:

    Levi and Nate,

    I am sorry that my feedback on itunes may have been taken too personally. I like to think of myself as being thoughtful, smart and having a sense of humor or else I wouldn’t continue to listen to your podcast or give it a good rating. I appreciate that your podcast is a laid back conversation between brothers and wife/sister-in-law and not a pretentious show that spoils the rest of the books. I guess I should anticipate you guys making fun of my review on the next podcast because I will still be tuning in with or without a straws.


  7. Thanks Kristin! And we appreciate your continued listenership (if that is even a word, the red squiggly line underneath it suggests that it isn’t, but I don’t care). We will hopefully be recording our next podcast sometime soon. Feel free to email or leave a voice mail with your thoughts on the season, and what you are looking forward to next season. And if I use a straw for the next episode, I can’t promise that I won’t use it to blow bubbles in my drink.



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