Episode 14: “Baelor”

Nate, Levi, and Natalie discuss the penultimate episode of the season. Music by Acoustic Revolver.


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2 Responses to Episode 14: “Baelor”

  1. Saso Alauf says:

    I always felt like the wolf called out to him, but not with a real voice 🙂

    anyway, about the recording. just use pamela, but record on all three ends to make sure you get at least one good one. I actually never had problems with it. Do you think it might have been an issue with too many open programs and tabs and all that? Like your voice got jumpy on my podcast, remember?

    Yes, you do have European listeners, though for some reason the site reports a wrong city the last few days…

    About the battles, I wish they did a few half second shots of Robb’s battle, like horses running by, swords clashing, Jaime’s face transforming from the sure smug smile into the unsure angry face as he’s captured.

    Btw I thought the Dothraki looked like Val Kilmer too…

    Cool song, I like this band…


    • I agree it would have been cool to show a little of the battle of whispering wood; some suspense leading up to the capture of Jaime, as he cuts down Stark bannermen and we wonder what will happen. As it was, we didn’t know exactly what they were nervous about until a filthy Robb showed up.



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