Episode 13: “The Pointy End”

Nate talks about “The Pointy End.” Yes, just Nate. Also music by Dinosaur Feathers.


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We are two brothers who podcast.
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2 Responses to Episode 13: “The Pointy End”

  1. Saso Alauf says:

    Actually Ghost doesn’t even make a noise as a pup to be found. Jon just stops for no reason, and it kinda seems like he feels him…


  2. Rich says:

    if your power goes out and you need to get out of your garage, there should be a rope hanging down, which if you pull will disengage the door from the motor. then you should be able to manually raise and lower it. then when the power comes back on you just have to open/close the door and the track will reengage the motor. so you are never stuck. love the podcast


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