Update: Game of Thrones App

In Episode 3: The Third Episode, Nate and I talked about the new Game of Thrones app for iphone, ipad, and android. It looks like they have added new features. Now you can find information about names, places, the various houses, maps, and religions. It seems pretty comprehensive, although the maps feature isn’t currently working for me.

We also talked about the spoiler issue. I have been informed by Jason Rosenblum, the developer, that he is currently working on a toggle to turn the spoilers on and off. Which is pretty cool.


Update: I am an idiot (I know, huge surprise, right?). The maps feature works fine, I just didn’t have the patience to wait longer than 1 second (literally*) for the maps to load, so I didn’t think they were working. The maps work just fine, evidently I don’t.

*When I write the word “literally,” I mean it in its true sense. I don’t mean it in the “I literally am starving to death,” or “I literally eat, breath, and speak A Song of Ice and Fire,” or “I literally just pooped my pants” sense (except when that last one is actually true).

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