Episode 3: The Third Episode

Nate and Levi are back. The Brothers address listener feedback, talk about The Maester’s Path, and Levi’s wife Natalie offers an outsider’s perspective on the latest trailer.


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We are two brothers who podcast.
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8 Responses to Episode 3: The Third Episode

  1. Jojo says:

    Great show, guys. You asked about bastards ja? A bastard is just a person who is born out of wedlock. His or her parents aren’t married to each other. Edric Storm is one of King Robert’s bastards, and he gets some special treatment because his mother is Lady Delena Florent. She’s highborn and not common, so Edric Storm’s parents are both noble but he’s still a bastard and comes after Robert’s trueborn children in inheritance. If something happened to tueborn heirs then a bastard might have a claim, but it wouldn’t be easy. He might have to duke it out with nephews and brothers. Not all bastards’ mothers are unknown, and not all bastards’ mothers are common, it just depends. There’s a rumor that Jon Snow’s mother might have been a noblewoman that Ned was in love with.


    • Thanks, Jojo! I appreciate the clarification. Thanks for listening!



      • Bart says:

        I know you also were wondering about if it was a noblewoman and a lowborn males child. There really is only one thing that comes to mind since it’s even more frowned upon. Lollys Stokeworth gives birth to a lowborns bastard named Tyrion Waters after her incident.


      • Jojo says:

        Sure Nate. Are you guys available on ITunes? I usually subscribe to all my podcasts that way.


      • Jojo-We are available on Itunes. Search “Game of Thrones” or “Bjork Brothers” under podcasts, and we should pop up.


  2. Bart says:

    One more thing, Centaur Drogo would be awesome!


  3. tanatie says:

    The bastard Edric Storm still has king’s blood which makes him important…and Stannis want’s to give Jon Winterfell…


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