Coming Soon!

Bjork Brothers Present: A Game of Thrones

A podcast about HBO’s forthcoming Game of Thrones program. Check back here for details.

About bjorkbrothers

We are two brothers who podcast.
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6 Responses to Coming Soon!

  1. 'dillo says:

    So post the podcast already

    what are you waiting for


  2. It’s recorded and edited. It’ll be posted tonight or tomorrow – as soon as I figure out how to host it or whatever I need to do to make it available on iTunes. Gonna ask Bill tonight.



  3. 'dillo says:



  4. FlayedandDisplayed says:

    Dudes, if you’re going to crap on about what an actor’s done – like Peter Dinklage, have a look at imdb? I mean you can even do that while you blather you know? He’s done some great drama.


    • Thanks for listening! To address your concern: I don’t feel like we were crapping on anything he’s done. We said he was a good actor. Did we not make that clear? If not, we apologize.



  5. Flayed-
    We definitely didn’t mean to trash Dinklage. I’m looking forward to seeing him play Tyrion. Any tips for good dramatic work that he has done? I guess the only things I’ve seen him in are Elf and that one episode where he was in 30 Rock, which was pretty funny. Was he good in Nip/Tuck? That series is on my list, but I haven’t had the time to watch it.


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